The sole purpose of ConfigUpdater is to easily update an INI config file with no changes to the original file except the intended ones. This means comments, the ordering of sections and key/value-pairs as wells as their cases are kept as in the original file. Thus ConfigUpdater provides complementary functionality to Python’s ConfigParser which is primarily meant for reading config files and writing new ones. Read more on how to use ConfigUpdater in the usage page.


The key differences to ConfigParser are:

  • minimal invasive changes in the update configuration file,

  • proper handling of comments,

  • only a single config file can be updated at a time,

  • the original case of sections and keys are kept,

  • control over the position of a new section/key

Following features are deliberately not implemented:

  • interpolation of values,

  • propagation of parameters from the default section,

  • conversions of values,

  • passing key/value-pairs with default argument,

  • non-strict mode allowing duplicate sections and keys.


ConfigUpdater is mainly developed for PyScaffold.


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